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Language of Clay Series - Traces

My point is to lay out the stuff that was here. Sasha Brastoff was made in Los Angeles. It was very popular. Everybody had one in their house. And everybody had a Russel Wright, too. Heathware was ubiquitous in California.

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Among the earlier works are several bowls, most of them earthenware, by Andreson She taught ceramics at UCLA from until After retirement, she continued to make ceramics in her home studio, which is still there. When she began teaching at UCLA, she did not know how to throw pots.

Her earliest works were made by pressing the clay into a mold. It was the first one in the area.

Traces Of Laboratory Earthquake Nucleation In The Spectrum Of Ambient Noise | Scientific Reports

She threw the pots; he did the glazing. Among his students was Beatrice Wood They were made before he transformed the functional brown pot into the sculptural pot.

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Voulkos came to Los Angeles in at the invitation of Millard Sheets, director of Otis Art Institute, to start a ceramics department there. He was a larger-than-life character. He played the art game well. And then Voulkos comes along and treats this stuff like it could be something more than that.

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And people bought it. Small shards from the juglet were crushed, then treated with solvents to isolate organic substances trapped in the clay. The pulverized clay yielded just enough resin to be visible on a pinhead, he said, but sophisticated testing methods now enable researchers to identify complex chemical mixes from minute samples.

Chemicals extracted from the juglet were analyzed first with infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers. Evans said more tests using gas and high performance liquid chromatography, which can identify one part in a billion, confirmed the presence of both opium and olive oil. Ancient merchants often recycled clay containers used to ship such goods as wine, oil, myrrh and frankincense around the Mediterranean. Tests on other juglets may indicate whether they contained a concentrated form of opium, possibly for use in religious rituals, or a milder solution intended for medical purposes, Evans said. A clay statuette from the same period of a goddess with opium poppy images decorating her headdress was found in a shrine on the island of Crete.

Some scholars believe the islanders used opium, marijuana and hashish in sacred rites.