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Embodiment, experience and theory: in defence of the sociological tradition
  1. Reading: Defining the Sociological Imagination | Sociology
  2. Sociological perspectives on poverty
  3. Reading: Defining the Sociological Imagination
  4. Social Theory & Health

Reading: Defining the Sociological Imagination | Sociology

It enables us to "grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society" You are your own person with your own story biography , but you are influenced in a million ways by the social structure and people who came before you history. Rather than viewing society as many isolated individuals, we make connections to the larger social context in order to examine society as a whole.

In doing so, we consider the interaction of structure and agency.

Why is it a social issue? Consider the different levels of sociological analysis How does this issue relate to major social questions or problems? Does it reflect societal or cultural factors rather than psychological or personal characteristics? Does it show us how society is organized or how it functions?

Sociological perspectives on poverty

Does it reveal the existence of social categories or social norms? Does it illuminate something about social inequality or stratification? Are there systemic issues or broader social consequences at hand?

The Promise. Johnson, William A. Concerns about the utility of the discipline have been expressed by a number of body studies emanating from within and outside of sociology.

Reading: Defining the Sociological Imagination

In opposing this rejection of sociology, if not the use of other intellectual resources, I argue that the discipline contains much valuable theorising about experience which has yet to be developed by body theorists. Many of sociology's central concepts, indeed, evoke dimensions of human experience that remain highly pertinent to an understanding of the individual and societal significance of the body in the contemporary era.

In order to illustrate this argument, I focus on the writings of Durkheim and Simmel.

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  • Pain: A Sociological Introduction.
  • Sociological perspectives on poverty?
  • Embodiment, experience and theory: in defence of the sociological tradition.

Their work is rarely central to writings on the body, but provides good examples of the diversity of theoretical approaches within sociology that remain relevant to body theorists. Specifically, I want to use it to develop the outlines of a theory of embodiment as a medium for the constitution of society which has at its centre a concern with human experience. I conclude by reassessing the strategic options sociologists of the body confront in developing their analyses. Volume 49 , Issue 3. The full text of this article hosted at iucr.

Social Theory & Health

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“The Sociological Imagination” and its Relevance Today

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  7. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract This paper examines whether the theoretical analyses and ambitions of sociologists of the body are increasingly making obstructive and irrelevant the subject boundaries and methodological conventions associated with their parent discipline.