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Ever since her promotion over him, Jeff had considered it the height of cleverness to change her last name from Jepp to Prep. Kate turned from the doorway, wishing she did not have to see Kingsley's face again, almost peaceful in death.

Blader door alle series op die beginnen met de letter Ã

And now it's missing. The robber either knew about Kingsley's gun, or he wrestled it away from Kingsley, shot him and ran. Kate scanned the study, which revealed fine taste and abundant wealth. Kingsley must have spent a lifetime collecting Western memorabilia.

Golden spurs, probably having a special history of their own, gleamed from a glass case, along with a rare beaded Indian breastplate, a buckskin shield, and a scattering of spears and arrowheads. A faded document set in a place of honour to the right of Kingsley's desk. Kate noticed right away that the expensive frame hung at an odd angle. She stepped closer and gave a slight lift to the bottom. The fastening behind the frame had started to break loose, as if someone had attempted to pull it from the wall.

One addressed to Charles Kingsley's grandfather. Kingsley told me himself that this little bit of paper is worth one heck of a lot of money. You are requested to be present at the legal execution of Tom Horn which will occur Friday morning at two o'clock, November 20, at the Laramie County Jail.

Everyone in these parts knows his motto: "killing men is my specialty". All the other items are in perfect order, but not this frame. He must have known the niece lived here too, and thought that the minute she heard the shots, she would call for help. As if he were the one in charge, he said in his usually overconfident way, 'Your first order of business should be to get a rational statement from the only other person in the house. Kate, from the moment Charles Kingsley's niece had admitted them, had been struck with the thought that Kingsley's death might be an inside job. As far as she knew, Charles Kingsley had only one heir, and Kingsley possessed a vast fortune made from land and cattle.

Just go up to her room and get her,' Jeff prodded.

Summer Reading 12222 - 2020: Books Can Give You Wings!

If we don't gain her confidence, she'll tell us nothing. Why couldn't he work with her instead of against her? When she had first joined the office, fresh out of the police academy, she had liked this big man with his all-the-time-in-the-world air and his slow smile.

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She had often caught him looking at her, as if he approved of her slender form, her suntanned face, her tousled black hair. She had probably been wrong in thinking he would ever do anything but reject her. Not wanting to argue with him, Kate turned to Lem. Being a newcomer, she didn't know the local families the way he did and that put her at a disadvantage.

I've heard rumours that he had a long list of enemies. Sam Swen, but everyone around here just calls him Swen.

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The Rocking C and the Double S have been involved in open warfare for years. I heard through the grapevine that Charles Kingsley had just threatened to take Swen to court. Claimed he had proof that Swen was rustling his cattle. Besides, the two of them had been fighting forever. Water rights, range rights — they almost made a game of it. If Swen really wanted Kingsley dead, he'd have killed him years ago. Still, a legal battle could be serious business. Kate looked down at the dead man. No testimony, no court case.

He always placed a stone under his victim's head. Not a ghost, Kate thought. Her eyes shifted back to the invitation to Tom Horn's hanging. Had the rare collector's item been what the thief had really been after? If so, why hadn't he taken it? Maybe the invitation to Tom Horn's hanging had never been the cause of the crime, but it must certainly have inspired the killer to put the stone under Kingsley's head as a symbol of vengeance.

But who had put the stone there and as vengeance for what crime? Charles Kingsley's niece, Mary Ellen, stood immobile in the doorway, white knuckled fingers holding talon-like to the doorframe. Her thin body shivered and her narrow face remained lowered, half-obscured by straight dark blonde hair. Mary Ellen had gone upstairs to change from her robe and slippers. The little-girl image Kate had noticed earlier was now magnified by the pale, flowered blouse and the denim jumper. Kate thought again, as she had when she had first seen her, that most murders are committed by members of the victim's own family.

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Kingsley's niece, a young woman in her late twenties, the last of the Kingsleys, would likely inherit the whole of the cattle baron's fortune. Kate glanced at Mary Ellen again and began to doubt her snap judgment. This wispy figure seemed less a cold-blooded killer than some frightened and dependent child. Jeff didn't notice her shattered condition or didn't care.

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His tone became gruff, void of that slow drawl he used when addressing Kate. Starting with the last time you saw your uncle. Mary Ellen's hands gripped the doorframe tighter. She swayed a little and for a moment Kate thought she might faint. By the time I had run down the steps, whoever had killed him was gone. Mary Ellen shook her head. Uncle Charles was lying on the floor beside his desk.

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Britton, at the life and legend of celebrated poet Dylan Thomas, through the critical eyes of the infamous Chelsea Hotel. On this particular night, lis But she can't afford to feel anything but respect for the new driver she's hired to pilot her race car.

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With the financial security of her team hanging in the balance an The CIA needs him badly, because the ene Tensions between Pakistan and India are at an all-time high. To complicate matters, twelve American climbers have disappeared in Pakistan's Hindu Kush range. Stone of Vengeance and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

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Wealthy cattle baron Charles Kingsley is fatally shot in his home, a flat granite stone placed beneath his head. On the wall above his body among Western. As the conflict escalates, the U. Secretary of State's motorcade is ambushed on the outskirts of Islamabad. When her back-up team arrives, t A weapon of catastrophic destruction.

We have a council who are based on the moon and oversee many of these planets and make the rules for some elements of their daily life. Amongst them is Walker J. Sheri Stewart Tepper was a prolific American author of science fiction, horror and mystery novels; she was particularly known as a feminist science fiction writer, often with an ecofeminist slant.

And nothing—not even a bullheaded, devilishly handsome wrangler name Tepper has very strong feminist feelings and this shows up a lot in h I read 'Sideshow' before this, and reading this book actually made some of the things in Sideshow easier to understand. Overall I found reading this a simultaneously gentle yet powerful experience.

This book was pretty uneven.