Manual My Brother, My Enemy: America and the Battle of Ideas Across the Islamic World

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‘Doing the Right Thing’
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When you land, call this number. To pay for the trip, Ms. Muthana enrolled in classes at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she was a sophomore business major, but then withdrew and cashed the tuition check from her parents. She packed a book bag with her clothes and told her family she was going to an event in Atlanta, a two-hour drive away. Instead she headed directly to the Birmingham airport for a flight to Istanbul. Muthana said she was smuggled across the Syrian border in November and taken to a female dormitory, which was packed with hundreds of single women from around the world.

Every day, she said, an ISIS official roamed the dormitory carrying a list of men looking for brides. There were people guarding it. She said that she held out for a month before acquiescing to meet Suhan Rahman, an Australian originally from Melbourne. They met in a room with a chaperone. After a brief conversation, he took her home.

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She also urged others to join the terror organization. And she used her account to help incite attacks in the West, including in the United States.

My Brother, My Enemy : Philip Smucker :

Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Her Twitter account has since been suspended, but the posts were copied and shared with The Times by the George Washington program. She had barely been married three months, Ms.

Polman said she was smuggled into the caliphate in early , after using an American passport to fly from Vancouver to Istanbul. She said she had recently taken an interest in nursing, and had begun corresponding with a man in Syria who used the nom de guerre Abu Aymen. The man, whom she later married, told her that nursing skills were needed in the growing caliphate. Years earlier, she had left the Reformed Mennonite faith of her childhood and converted to Islam.

With nothing else to do, she said, she spent her days online, where her Facebook timeline exploded with images of Muslims dying in Syria. Polman said that at one point in her life she learned she had post-traumatic stress disorder and had been unable to get out of bed. Two of her siblings, speaking from British Columbia, said she had been told she had a mental illness.

Polman studied legal administration at Douglas College, and for a brief time worked at a Muslim school in Richmond, British Columbia, according to her sister, who also did not want to be named.

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  • Her sister said that in summer , Ms. Polman left on a trip to Austria, ostensibly for two weeks. It was only after the family heard from the Canadian authorities that they realized she had joined ISIS. At one point, the sister had not heard from Ms. Polman in six months and assumed she had been killed. By the time Ms. Polman arrived in the caliphate, its crimes were well documented, including beheading journalists, enslaving and systematically raping women from the Yazidi minority and burning prisoners alive. Both she and Ms. Muthana were evasive when asked about that brutality.

    My Brother, My Enemy : America and the Battle of Ideas Across the Islamic World

    Polman said. In her telling, Ms. Muthana began to pull away from the terrorist group in her second year in the caliphate. She was married to a second fighter and was pregnant. Anemic from an iron deficiency, she spent much of her time in bed. Her second husband was killed in Mosul, Iraq, she said. By then it was , and the siege of Raqqa, Syria, had begun. When her water broke, she walked more than a mile at night to reach the nearest clinic as bombs fell on the city, she said.

    After giving birth to a son, Ms. Muthana moved from house to house, chasing the shrinking shadow of the caliphate. Hundreds of airstrikes hammered the area. She married a third time and sometime after, she divorced her husband, whom she declined to name. Polman said her break with the caliphate came more violently, just a year after her arrival.

    She claims that she tried to escape, but was spotted by ISIS intelligence agents as she approached a woman about finding a smuggler at the market. She was imprisoned in a jail cell in Raqqa, she said, where she spent so much time that she eventually counted all 4, tiles.

    She was repeatedly taken out of her cell and interrogated, she said. One night, she said, she was raped. Dust Jacket Condition: very good. Edition: First Printing [Stated]. This kaleidoscopic tour behind the frontlines of the war of ideas assesses US efforts to persuade Muslims that Americans respect their rights and interests, while we fight wars and promote our interests.

    The author draws on his extensive travels in the Muslim world and interviews with a cross-section of the population including students, intellectuals, insurgents and politicians. For an American perspective, the author conducted candid interviews with US military officers, diplomats, and regional experts.

    Smucker describes turmoil within the Islamic realm and our efforts to project "soft power" into a world that remains misunderstood. Several themes resonate through these interviews. One is that the Muslim world is looking for consistent engagement from the US, particularly in regard to Israeli-Palestinian peace. After decades of paying lip service to the ideal of peace in the Middle East, the author shows why it is crucial for the Obama Administration to push forcefully for a two-state solution.

    Another is that the US must discontinue its policy of backing authoritarian regimes that oppress their people.

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    In the eyes of everyday Muslims, such tactics make a mockery of our claim to be the champion of individual liberty. Muslims, many of whom already support democratic change, will only be convinced of America's good will, says the author if our actions speak louder than our words. This revealing, vividly told narrative by a daring and experienced journalist with firsthand knowledge of the events and people in conflict areas offers unforgettable insights into the Muslim world's hopes and fears as well as our own crucial diplomatic overtures and military campaigns across the Islamic world.

    He has spent the last twenty-two years as an overseas reporter, covering conflicts across many countries including Haiti, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Cambodia. Visit Seller's Storefront.

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