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Large, handsome tree with stout, short trunk and large, widely spreading branches drooping at ends, forming broad, open crown.

Valley Oak is the largest of the western deciduous oaks and a handsome, graceful shade tree. This relative of the eastern White Oak Quercus alba L. Quercus or Lithocarpus.

White Oak, Valley Oak, Swamp Oak, Roble Oak and California White Oak.

California Indians roasted these large acorns and also ground edible portion into meal which they prepared as bread or mush. Find seed sources for this species at the Native Seed Network. From the Image Gallery 0.

Conditions Comments: Quercus lobata grows fastest where its roots can tap groundwater. It is less drought tolerant than Q.

3 Replies to “Valley Oak”

Propagation Description: Oaks are most often propagated from seed. No pretreatment is necessary. Many oaks require cold temperatures to initiate shoot development. Protect outdoor beds with Seed Collection: Best quality acorns are picked or shaken from the tree.

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Vibrant fall yellows and reds. Found where annual rain exceeds 25 in. Evergreen, on upland slopes below 5, feet, across low foothills, in canyons, where summers are hot and dry. Flat, leathery leaves - " long Smooth, toothed or spiny margins, but leaves do not have tufts of hairs underneath where veins meet midline. In rare scattered groves along western edge of interior deserts. Occurs on sites above dry coastal plains, and below cold mountians.

Name "mesa" refers to tendency to grow near basalt caps of mesas. Monarch of California oaks, can have stems six feet in diameter. Winter deciduous, leaves " long. Found at least one ridge inland from coastal fog zone, prefers rich bottomland, deep soils, often below 2, feet.

Valley Oak

Another shrub oak, restricted to rapidly disappearing habitat on bluffs, headlands and hillsides within sight of ocean. Twigs are thin, reddish. On dry slopes between 3, and 7, feet. Many stems arise from same region at base of plant, giving a "vase" shape to plant.

In open woodlands of pinyon, juniper and Joshua trees, on mountain slopes along desert edges, 3,' - 6,'. Toothed, spine-tipped margins. Pointed apex. Acorns shaped like a spinning top. Mature bark is gray with dull cast. A low, spreading shrub of the higher mountains, from 3, to 10, feet.

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Often in conifers. Exposed ridge, rock outcrops. Leaves about 1" long, smooth edges. Topsides are shiny gree, golden below.

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Associated with maratime chaparral, and closed-cone pine forest below 3, feet. Leave " long, with a few bristles or spines along the edge. Mostly on serpentine soils. Below 6, '. Widely scattered. Closely related to coastal scrub oak and desert scrub oak.

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Habitat is desert edge chaparral, 3, to 6, feet. Hybrid cross between interior live oak and black oak. Can grow to tree up to 40 ' tall. Found in mountains, foothills. Other hybrids exist: see Pavlik et al. Another shrub oak, less than 10 feet tall. Grows in semi-desert chaparral or pinyon-juniper woodlands, between 3, and 5, feet. Leaf edges are wavy and very spiny. Hastings Natural History Reservation.

Valley Oak, Quercus lobata

Natural History. Oak Woodlands. An Introduction to Oaks nearly 30 years of study Dr. Want to learn more? Identifying Your Oaks One of the challenges of oaks is that they can hybridize. California Tree Oaks. Blue oak Quercus douglasii. Canyon Live Oak Quercus chrysolepis. Island Oak Quercus tomentella. Coast Live Oak Quercus agrifolia.

3 Replies to “Valley Oak”

Oregon Oak Quercus garryana. Black Oak Quercus kelloggii. Interior Live Oak Quercus wislizeni.