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  1. Blessed and Stressed
  2. You're Too Blessed To Be Stressed
  3. 5 Ways to Stop Focusing on How Stressed You Are
  4. From Stressed To Blessed: A Short Blueprint for Biblical Stress Management

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Blessed and Stressed

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Good quick read with a lot of Bible throughout. This would be a great book for someone who's trying to get a handle on stress because it is an easy read and the Bible verses throughout will help to remind of God's help.

You're Too Blessed To Be Stressed

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Patrick Jones. Patrick Jones. His most recent and last professional publication is Connecting with Reluctant Readers Neal-Schuman, In , he won lifetime achievement awards from both the Catholic Library Association, and the American Library Association. Jones is a frequent speaker at library conferences, having visited all fifty states, as well as in Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jones grew up in Flint, Michigan, but now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Read more at his web page www. NOTE: After a bruising experience with another author, he's limited his reviews on Good Reads to only raves as not to disturb the "fellowship" of YA writers. Mindfulness allows us to perceive stress differently as we become aware of its effects on our minds and bodies.

5 Ways to Stop Focusing on How Stressed You Are

This awareness enables us to choose a response. Breathing this way nourishes and reconnects your mind and body, physiologically resetting the auto-pilot reaction cycle. O bserving what is going on inside and outside. Noticing the overstuffed inbox and overbooked calendar. Observing means taking note and allowing what is here to be here, and not trying to push it away or ignore it.

From Stressed to Blessed - Managing Overwhelm

P roceeding to do the next thing that supports filling that need; take a walk or brief nap, connect with others like our children or friends for a hug, or engage with a pet , or rise to the challenge reducing distractions, and managing time, boundaries and expectations more realistically. We can influence our own well-being greatly, and relating to stress differently is one answer. The first thing to do to increase your stress awareness is to try on this mindset: simply thinking about how stress can be helpful , and what can be learned?

And then STOP : bringing mindfulness to your moments, supporting healthy responses, and increasing your overall well-being. Normally, the first line of defense in our bodies and minds when something starts to unravel is to over react.

The most important thing we can do in stressful times is stay calm. If someone is stressing you out, get yourself away from them. This could mean going into another room, getting out of the office at lunch, going for a walk around the block, or listening to music.

These are just some of the ways you can relieve stress. If someone is stressing you out continually, try talking to them about how or what you are feeling. Remember, at least you were the bigger person and tried to talk about it. In the same way you separate from the people that stress you out, you can also separate from aspects of life that stress you out.

It is very important to take time for yourself to recharge. Try to think about something that you love to do and see if it calms you down.

From Stressed To Blessed: A Short Blueprint for Biblical Stress Management

This could be walking in a park or on the beach, or just being out in nature. Go there in your mind, or even physically. Cook a meal for yourself or your family. Connecting with God can also help with stress. Prayer always helps me with the stress in my life.

It helps me take the focus off the things and people that are causing me stress so I can focus myself on the one who can help take my stress away. God can and will work things out to be better than I ever could. God has a way of making our problems not so big.