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Neither of us want children so why were we holding on to monogamy so tightly? It was a disaster.

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At one point I went to the bathroom and cried, covering my face with a towel to muffle the sound. I decide to keep him simmering away in case I feel like some fun sex after a night out. I leave work on time but Ben is nowhere to be seen.

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He works in a creative industry so his hours are irregular. I drink half a bottle of white wine in front of the TV and the thought becomes like a splinter in my mind. I think back to that winky emoji from the no-name woman. He finally gets home at around 3am. I ask if they had sex and he says they did. I calm down in the shower. The trick is to talk it through. He apologises and agrees he would have had a better evening with me.

Ben tries to have sex with me, but I tell him I need to go. I get home and am happy to see him on the sofa in his trackies. We do separate sports things on a Saturday. I like to run, Ben plays team sports and then we meet at home for lunch. Today we shower together and make love in there. The sex between us is good and we feel in tune again. Ben is going away tonight for a week.

I decide tomorrow is a good day to see the barman. Ben left yesterday and I spent the evening messaging the barman. I get ready to go to his bar this evening: I put on new underwear — black and lacy and completely impractical. I feel giddy; part of me wants to share this little thrill of excitement with Ben — we share so much, why not this? At the bar, I flirt outrageously as the barman closes up. I forgot how good looking he is and cannot wait to go back to his flat.

He kisses me as we wait for the taxi — then in the backseat we make out like teenagers. He wants me to stay over but I want my own bed. By the something lesbian new mum. So I was surprised to discover at a dinner party my wife and I hosted tonight, after a few bottles of wine, that Adam and Steve are as bereft of passionate lovemaking as us. And we have a one-year-old baby as an excuse.

Our son wakes between 4. We are just managing to have sex once a month. I think we are so deep into our roles as mothers that we struggle to shift into the headspace for intimate relations. My wife and I feel neither. My wife bought me a vibrator from upmarket sex shop Coco de Mer in the hope it might reinvigorate our love life.

So literally nothing is getting turned on tonight. My wife and I both work part time so we split childcare — neither of us can bring ourselves to leave him with a stranger. But tonight my sister came for lunch and, when she heard it was our wedding anniversary we had both forgotten until this morning , offered to stay over so we could go to a restaurant.

It felt so good to reconnect, just the two of us. We stopped briefly to find the baby monitor, but got straight back to it. I remembered how much I actually enjoy sex with my wife. Discovered new season of Big Little Lies on Sky. That means any chance of going to bed early to make love is as dead as that dude in season one. She gets him to sleep instantly and is, I think, a bit drunk, so the night ends with an orgasm after all. Would a toyboy do the trick? By the single septuagenarian experimenting with X-rated FaceTime calls. At 5am I am rudely awakened by a FaceTime call from my antipodean one-time lover.

I head to my spin class. Pre-class, the talk is all about sex. Later, I am at work upstairs in my office.

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  • Another of my long-time admirers calls. He wants to come over, bringing a bottle of wine. An email from a twice-divorced colleague with whom I am working on a project. We go out to supper and he stays in my spare room. He leaves after breakfast. How to say no without upsetting him? I demur. That evening I meet friends in the pub.

    They try to match me up with no success. My Aussie friend calls again. Age cannot wither him, but the chances of ever meeting again are remote. Phone sex is the nearest we get to the real thing. He rings again a few hours later. Sorry, but I have to finish some work.


    He has a beautiful house, sports car, is tall, handsome and amusing. And available. Sadly, there is no spark.

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    Go for a drive in his car, though. What about going down the age range — would a toyboy of 50 do the trick? Ah, well — maybe one day my Prince Charles equivalent will turn up. By the something singleton.


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    Most of my fatigue from the previous week of dating has been wiped clean by a weekend of relaxation… and sex. On Saturday, I hooked up with a man I met in a bar. Being a woman in her 20s who exclusively dates men means keeping expectations at rock bottom — most of the crop are pretty hopeless until their emotional maturity kicks in around Besides, few bars are open late until Thursday. He never uttered obscene words or talked bad of others; or describe their defects or over praise anybody. He ignored unpleasant things. Nobody ever felt disappointed after meeting the Holy Prophet S.

    He never quarreled with others or indulged in excessive talk. He paid no attention to useless things. He never scolded anyone or condemned anybody. He never found fault with others.

    Love Island: Former contestants reveal secrets behind the ITV2 show

    When the Holy Prophet S was speaking in a meeting, the audience used to be so attentive and motionless as if birds perched on their heads which they did not want to be disturbed. No one could quarrel in his presence. If someone was speaking, others listened attentively and never talked in between.

    The Holy Prophet S shared the wonder and pleasant mood of the audience. He used to tolerate even the uncivilized behavior of illiterate desert Arabs. When the companions brought such persons and when they asked the Holy Prophet S about something, he replied to them also satisfactorily. In that case either the Holy Prophet S would stop him or go away from there. The Holy Prophet S was all patience and forbearance. Nothing could make him furious or restless.


    He was always careful of four things: to do good so that others might follow him, to avoid evil so that others may follow suit, make more effort for something which was more beneficial for the community and to undertake a deed which would guarantee the good of both the lives of Ummah. It is mentioned in a reliable tradition that Imam Muhammad Baqir a.

    No one was anywhere near the beauty and character of the Holy Prophet S nor could one ever be so. He said in another tradition that there was a mole on the lower lip of the Prophet. O son of the chaste lady! Testify to the Ummee Prophet, who is the possessor of a camel, armor, headwear and a staff and whose eyes will be wide and forehead vast and eyebrows clear and nose long and teeth white. His neck will be like a silver jar radiating at the lower part as if gold plated.