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Is There a Cheat Code to Get Six-Pack Abs Faster?

I I live in the U. Hi, yes you can find many of our DVDs on both platforms, however most, if not all, will be Region 1.

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Thanks, and happy walking to you! There are also Live classes called Walk15 in the UK. Check the Walk I started walking with Leslie 8 days ago. I DO feel better now. My husband says that I am not as grumpy as I was. Day 7 was my hardest day food wise it was my rest day. I was looking forward to my walk on Monday, let me tell you! Thanks for the encouragement! This is true for me. The first is definitely mood and energy, shortly after the pounds star going away.

The workouts plus healthy food choices definitely work. Thank you!!! Tell us about it your comment love my daily walks with leslie! I eat better, I sleep better. I all around feel better! I just returned to my old favority, walk away the pounds. But everytime I get my senses back, I turn to Leslie.

I joined the Y but somehow I never find the time to go. I would probably go if they would start a Walk with Leslie series. Is that possible? Best option would be if you or someone you know gets certified to become a Walk Leader and lead Walk Live classes in your community!


Tell us about it your comment I really love your videos and DVDs because the people you have on your videos are reall people with real bodies and the walking is easy and you make it fun, Please dont ever stop or change thank yuou so much Leslie. I love Leslie and her energy! I will do her dvds at least twice a week whenever I cant go to the gym and when my job as a mom needs to be done I will find time to do the dvd and even my kid will join me.

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Absolutely love it!!! Hi…I find your program great after watching the 15 min test walking…. Great for the international customer; you can download most of our workouts and playback on any device!

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I just did your 4-mile walk with my 4 year old son. He is so motivating. He even asks me sometimes if we can do the 1-mile together. How can I say no to that? I used to do your tapes faithfully and then stopped, but am now back at it and more motivated than ever to lose weight and get back in shape. Plus, my little man is such a good teammate. It is really fun to walk with him! I would like say thank you are a big help in I like I have lost 80 pounds on walking with you I love it big help I use to go outside to walk but sometimes cars would pass by guys would hang out the window and call me names I had our through water on me so now I can do it in myhome where im safe thank you.

Tell us about it your comment Does anyone know how many calories are burned in the 1 mile walk and the 2 mile brisk walk? Just curious. This has been soo helpful and it is very convenient considering my small apartment space. It is and interesting and easy exercise, I just started using it 5 days ago and I love it. I am aleeady noticing the changes of my body fat loss.

21 Days to Fit and Lean: Three-Week Workout Plan

There are no rules other than to move my feet and walk. Last year, in , I got a little bit off track while in transition, and put on a few pounds, but am getting back on track. Thank you so much for making such a positive difference in my life. God bless! I major weight loss. I no longer feel pain, even with my rigorous workout schedule.

I believe god sent you my way. I still have not seen any big change in my clothes. Do you have any suggestions on people with issues beyond not exercising or eating right??? I began working out to your videos 4 months ago.

I am pleased to say that I have lost 25 pounds. I am down 3 dress sizes. I feel great! I hope that you continue to produce videos. You are so inspirational. Your videos are fun and most of all they provide real results. Diary — […]. I love this Ultimate 5 Day Walk! My question is would it be considered interval training since you slow down in between each mile?

Today is my 8th consecutive day of walking 5 mega miles. I find this video very motivating and inspirational. I intend to buy more videos and become a walker for life!

How to get rid of cellulite: Thin thighs in 30 days exercise tips

Thank you Leslie! Hi I am 60 as well and have knee problems and need to lose weight.

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Got to get rid of the rust. I pray I do better this time. I just love your DVDs. This is my 3rd week. I like the fact you put real people in your videos. Thank you so much for this program. God Bless! Tell us about it your comment I live in Quebec, Canada and for almost 4 months now, 5 days a week, I do walk the 3 miles with Leslie and her nice gang.

Thank you Leslie for your smile and energy! I was introduced to Leslie Sansone about a year and a half ago and have been hooked ever since. I almost tear up when I talk about it because of everything these walks have done for me. They lift me up when I feel like breaking down.


This is truly a way of life now and I thank God for Leslie Sansone. I have changed my life for the better without taking a single pill. I am up to so far. My legs never stop aching. If I sit for too long I stiffen up and can hardly move. I switch from 4 inch heels to orthopedic walking shoes every day, and have to stop periodically and stretch but what else could be the problem? Hello Leslie, when will be able to buy DVDs readable in France, is it you please think of your french fans! Thanks in advance.

Download the majority of our titles on our Walk TV page! Playback on any device or stream! I have been walking 3 days a week and I am already noticing how awesome I am starting to feel!! My goal is to lose 80 lbs. This workout is something that challenges me at my current weight but I can do it!!! A shapely, rounded, perky tush not only gives you confidence in your yoga pants and bathing suit, but toning your backside with butt exercises will also make you stronger for your active lifestyle whether you run, cycle, swim, dance, climb, or play sports.

This challenge takes minutes to do each day, requires no equipment, and is simple enough even for bodyweight-exercise newbies.